Friday, 6 March 2009

Weeding .....

Thought I would be extra good this afternoon and de weed the patio in the garden which was well needed ... children decided they would help .... and fight over who had what colour spade/trowel ... all in all they did well bless them ;) 


PinkLadyMel said...

It is so strange but when I look at all these photographs of your daughter I can see mine! I can just see her personality in her eyes and I feel for you.

I thought it would be amazing to have another baby and I am a patient, strong person so I could handle anything thrown at me.. then there was the Ez monster. She was the kinda baby that wanted her bottle but would spit it out and cry just to cry. People say 'for heavens sake it is only a baby.. they don't know anything' but I can't explain it.. from the moment she was born she has always been a manipulative madam!

Things have got a lot better as she has got older but there are still hard days. Right now, you are in the nightmare stage but I promise you it will pass. Emily is still a pain right now but she is so beautiful. She has no idea when enough is enough so I will tell her off and then she will start copying everything I am saying. SO cheeky and seriously.. she behaves like a 13 year old... so intelligent but so frustrating!

I am trying to remember Ezzy at 2. She would wake up and everything you did wasn't right. If I gave her the wrong spoon, If a channel is on TV from the night before and hers isn't on as SOON as I turn the TV on, if I choose the wrong nappy etc etc she would do this high pitched scream fake cry. Even if I didn't put a big enough blob of toothpaste on her brush.

I'm just rambling all this incase anything rings a bell. I just want you to read it and know you are not alone and together we can get through it and not feel like the worst people in the world. I can never be that parent who hates their children but she is that kind of evil child so I just have pent up emotions of sadness and frustration sometimes. If you feel like this too.. You are not alone xx

Rusty said...

Thankyou Mel, I am sat here with a tear rolling down my cheek! *sniff* I have just read this then had to read it to OH. Our little girl sounds so much like Emily right to a tea infact the only thing different in the post above was the high pitched scream, however Maddison does sit and cry and scream if things are not right. Every single bell rang ... and I hate calling my daughter evil but sometimes she is just that!
I am sending big hugs to you! we should meet us and let the girls give each other a run for their money! xxx

PinkLadyMel said...

It all sounds so tragic doesn't it but on days when you are feeling zonked..and you pray they will wake in a good mood but they wake in a grump.. it feels like it is!! If I am having a good day then it is so hilarious watching her screw her face up and say in a scary posessed sort of voice 'NO'. Not everyone can have a good day though and when your partner is in a mood and you need some support that just makes everything feel like one long hell... for a day anyway :)

I wasn't even joking about the toothpaste. If I don't squirt it all along the brush she will say 'NOT so BIG!!' and refuse point blank to brush her teeth.

I say evil in the most lighthearted way just like I know you did. Inside there is a little heart of gold and when she is licking my face for the tenth time (who taught her that?!!) and hanging off my neck. I will be just about to lose my marbles when she says 'I love you my mommy'and I just want to hug her and never let go. Of course.. I am not allowed to give her a hug 'get OFF me mommy you silly one'.. and then she is running round and round in circles in the living room doing some crazy spinning with her head like a lunatic.

I think if they met up it would be the end of the world.. haha!! Knowing Emily though she would play like the most beautiful little angel and show me up. We will definitely have to get a meet going one day :)

sorry I posted so much all over yer blog, ah dear!!

Here goes the weekend!! xx

Rainmac said...

I feel for you too, my youngest monster is a bit older than yours but as much of a devil! We went out to eat last night and T was a bit tired and the slightest thing set him off, he spent half the time laying on the floor screaming. People were looking at us like we were terrible evil parents letting him cry but you can't stop him, best to let him get it out and then move on. He still has a bruise on his forehead from headbanging the floor a bit too hard the other day. He challenges my patience every day but I atill wouldn't change him cos I love him.