Friday, 1 May 2009

Girlys birthday card

My Princess turns 2 in 29 days ! ! ! ! so I thought I would try and make a birthday card for her, knowing exactly who and what she likes. Quite a plain card, I am not 100% happy with it but she will love it and my OH says it looks really good which is a better comment that the normal grunts!
I tried to take it without the flash but you couldn't tell that I had used glitter card so turned the flash back on. Tigger and Pooh are not actually that pale, they are very bright and vivid it is just the flash being on for the glitter which makes them look pale!


flourgirl said...

Great card for a 2 year old little girl, I don't think it's plain at all, it's perfect xx

melissa75 said...

Your daughter will love her card - well done!

Gemma said...

lovely card, your daughter will love it I'm sure :) xx