Friday, 12 June 2009

Vine Girls christening cakes

We were invited to a christening a couple of weeks ago, I struggled to think of something different to the usual silverware that people normally buy for the children.
I made Ellie (15 weeks?) a nappy cake with essentials
I made Robyn (aged 3) a bright and funky towel cake with clothes hidden inside the towel, a plant pot, a sunflower kit, a wirly windmill, a new big girls cup, a chalkboard stick and some stickers to decorate her plantpot with oh and some gardening gloves.
I made High School Musical mad Abbie the same as her sister but managed to get a HSM cup, stickers and HSM towel :)

Needless to say both Mummy and Daddy were over the moon with their gifts, and I also recieved a nappy cake order from someone at the christening :D


Rainmac said...

Wow, beautiful presents, you are so thoughtful and clever putting these together x

Deborah said...

Rusty I love your ideas for gifts for the older girls!
I`m sure the orders are going to be rolling in for these!
Poppy x

flourgirl said...

Fabulous! Beautifully created gifts no wonder they were pleased with them x

Fifi Folle said...

They are all lovely Rusty. x

The Wife said...

what wonderful gifts for them, no wonder they were pleased.