Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tatty Ted!

Just a couple of quick makes using smoe tatty ted stamped images I got from ebay! I have since learnt that taddy ted was never released as a stamp due to copyright. I had this argument with the seller and she claims that they were not printed images and were indeed stamps. I ended up leaving her negative feedback and I am not daft these are infact printed images not stamped images so please do not buy them as you will be ripped off like I was (something I am normally very very cautious and careful about!)

Hope you like them !

The papers on the flower one are forever friends, this is a get well soon card for my gran who is currently in hospital at the minute!

The paper on the christmas one is part of a lovely huge stash that Sarah (Rainmac) sent to me!!


Chocolate Orange said...

Oooh Rusty they are soooo cute.

Silly ebay seller !!

Hope Granny is better soon xx

Lauren said...

Lovely images, shame about the cheeky seller though!

I hope your Gran gets better soon too x

bunbun2 said...

lovely cards! that Christmas paper is fab!
hope your Gran gets better soon xx

Rainmac said...

They are beautiful x

Best wishes to your gran, she'll love your beautiful card.

furrypig said...

I really love those images and cards they are great sorry about the seller and get well soon to your Gran

dragonllew said...

Fab cards I love the images.Hope your Gran feels better soon.

Butterfly-Meadow said...

ooh I love these cards!! The tatty ted images are soooo soo cute!

The Wife said...

Aw! Rusty, I love your tatty teddies, they are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Awh Rusty they are gorgeous x