Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Awaiting the arrival of Jolly Sugar Socks!!

As per title, Santa has sent an elf to watch over our 2 children, make sure they are behaving etc ;)

So tonight I have literally just finished (yes at 12:12am!!) making Jolly Sugar Socks, bed, pillow and a diary for him to write things in.

What do you think?


Rainmac said...

Wow beautiful, love the bed, I'd like one like that for me for Christmas!!! What's the paper on the diary, it's gorgeous xxx

Your kiddies are going to love it x

K said...
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K said...

I love love love the bed! fab idea!! Cant wait to here what your elf gets upto

Marg said...

They are fantastic! Love the idea of a journal to record the run up to Christmas & who is well behaved enough for Santa to visit - or have I missed the point?

Myzdamena's World said...

Oh they are so inventive! I wish I had the energy I'd get to making some right now lol



Gemma said...

awww lovely little bed for your elf :) Xx