Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sing a song of sixpence!!

Ok so not quite sing a song of sixpence but I wanted to share a couple of videos!

This is DD singing a christmas song

This is DS singing a christmas song

And this is just so cute and hilarious!! .... every time I am feeling down I will watch this video!!


Carmen said...

:D Maddison has just kept my little one completely entertained and giggly :D Thank you Maddison.

Love it! ' No, do it again!' :P

bunbun2 said...

So cute!!

Butterfly-Meadow said...

awwww soooooooo cute!!! bless!!

Chocolate Orange said...

Ooooh please make sure you keep those safe until they are rich and famous ;O)

Not forgetting having great footage to play at their 18th s' LOL

Thats really cheered me up Tams :O)

Bye bye Missy Moo haha

SallyUK said...

What beautiful children! They're both absolutely gorgeous, little darlings!


Liberty :) said...

Aww so cute!!! I love the way she jumps out of her socks everytime the lid comes off!!