Sunday, 9 May 2010

Home sweet home and fabulous friends!

I truly am blessed with some lovely friends, some of whom I have never even met. I havce spent the last 2 weeks in a mixture of screaming agony upstairs on my bed with emergency doctors coming and going, to being stuck on the floor for just over 4 hours with no help from NHS direct or my own GP, to then being admitted by ambulance last monday. I have had a lumbar injection, I am high on morphine with a liquid morphine to add in there every hour to keep me topped up, then there are a whole array or beautiful coloured tablets all of which have to be taken aswell.

Thursday my OH came to visit me in the hospital and brought me 2 cards, one from a friend locally and the other from the lovely Oooooona (sorry no picture as it is still packed in my hospital bag!!)

Then I recieved a picture message from him friday morning which showed another 5 cards, which I asked him to leave at home for me in the hope I could climc down the stairs with physio and also back up then I was allowed home. Then Sat morning my postman came with another 10!!!!! I cried my eyes out (I blame the drugs) but I really can't say thankyou enough to all of you lovely ladies who have sent me cards and have stayed in touch by text messages, just things like a text message when you are stuck in a hospital means so much!! .....

Now for the pictures .... this is the artwork by my consultant before .....

and after (I've been tangoed) and what a pathetic plaster!!!!!

then this was my transport back from theatre to ward 6

Then here are the cards I have recieved.

These are from,Christine (Hassy) Jan (ScattyJan) Debbie (Padster)

These are from, Nuttie Nettie, Jennie (dragonllew) and Sue (Skiergirl)

These are from, Claire (Wanna-b-rich) Marg, and Karen & Phillip ( Flourgirl & Mr Flourgirl)

These are from, Lucie (sweet baby cakes), Julie (crafty ju ju) and Caroline (CT19720)

and these are from Gemma (Gemm85) Sarah (Rainmac) and Susan (Tomsmum)

And just for the record, after hurling lots of abuse at my legs cause they won't do simple things like lift up when I want them to or move if I want them to (mainly my left leg .... I decided I was sick of my Zimmer frame I was sent home with ....Grand prix inspired me to play with ribbons on my Zimmer ..... what you think? Can't do nothing too exciting to it cause it will have to go back and I have a woman coming out on monday to see me and she probably wont me impressed so best I don't start sticking on gems with acrylic paint!

So once again ladies thankyou for all of your kindness. xxx I am overwhelmed. and thankyou to Sarah for organising it all you are lovely lady xxxxxx

Can I please ask Jennie (Dragonllew) where the lovely image came from, the lady in the bed at the side of me was also a card maker and that image is just perfect for me to take a card back to her when I visit!! xxx


Padster said...

Nice tribal tattoo there lol! I see a whole new idea for ribbon storage coming.
Glad you're feeling a little more human even if it is a space man!
Debbie xx

Chocolate Orange said...

Blinking NHS cuts LOL ... Fancy them brinking you back in an asda trolley LOL

If the woman doesnt like your pretty ribbons then tell her to shhhhh .. Loonie said it will keep the flies away from your hands LOL

Glad your home ;O)
Choccy xx

craftygranny said...

Lol at padster that's what i thought it was first. silly me . Fab cards girls . When i need a zimmer i'll be able to do the same . Nice to see you back and in a bit less pain.

Happy Days said...

Glad to see you've retained a sense of humour and are feeling a little better. Take care. Claire x

Crafty JuJu said...

Glad your feeling a bit better :) Fab collection of cards, I bet you'l never wan to take them down :D xx

Rainmac said...

Wow what a great selection of cards, hope they made your crappy week a little bit brighter xxx

CT19720 said...

Rusty - glad you are home, hope the pain has eased a bit with all the pills and potions. So glad all the fabulous cards you have been sent cheered you up. Your zimmer frame looks fab with al those ribbons. Take card of yourself :)xx

The Wife said...

Rusty, is that Japenese for 'Nice Bum'?

Pink Poppy said...

Hi Rusty, glad you are home and hope you feel better soon. What a lot of lovely cards you were sent too.

Your zimmer is very jazzy!

Poppy x

Angie said...

Rusty - glad to see you are in good spirits. What lovely cards you have been sent. Hope the tablets and morphine are keeping the pain at bay xx

Ali - Crafty Ribbons said...

Fantastic ribbons!!

We all wish you well Crafty Ribbons x x