Monday, 7 June 2010

My birthday!! what lovely friends I have!!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the cards and presents I recieved on my birthday yesterday (6th June) so much so that this is really a brag post if you like!! Everything I recieved was beautiful in both gifts and cards!! I love handmade cards and you guys certainly make them so special!! Here are a few pictures.

These beautiful gifts and card are from Sarah. Thankyou so much lovely lady!! I love them all, the paint tin is sooooo beautiful.

Then I recieved this beautiful card and bag charm from Julie (craftyjuju) (look at the blatant advertising on my blog!)

Then I recieved this beautiful card and beautiful bag charm from Karen (Flourgirl) along with some coredinations cardstock which I have never used before! Thankyou!

Then lots more beautiful cards

Top left to bottom right are: 
CT19720, Jowri, Tiredmum, 
OAP 1945, Scattyjan, Wishfulcomper,
Dragonllew, Padster, Madfrog

Thankyou lovely ladies! 

Then I had this card and lovely stamped images from Gemm

Then some more beautiful cards

These are from Nikki & Tomsmum - Thankyou so much

These are from Choccy and Skiergirl (complete with Jelly beans which the children will steal!) Thankyou!

Then this lovely card and some pretty brads (love the lady!! so elegant!) from Hassy! Thankyou

Then this beautiful card, papers, embellishments from Marg, thankyou

I think that is all of them!! Thankyou so much, it means such a lot to me to have so many lovely friends!! you ladies are the best!! thankyou xxxxxx

I want to share these with you ... OH bought them for me a few weeks ago and remembered to give them to me last night (after they had been stuck in a box downstairs for a few weeks (he is useless))

I am all stickered up!! lets hope I can create some beautiful cards like Fiddle Fart (Helen) and Craftfairy (Lisa) 

Thats all for now, I have to start being creative!! 

Thankyou once again xxxxxx


Rainmac said...

Ooohhh lovely new look blog and loads of beautiful cards xxx

Happy Days said...

Love the new look blog. x

Kandi said...

Happy Belated birthday. It's great to have crafty friends that way you are guaranteed beautiful cards!
Kandi x

Crafty JuJu said...

Beautiful collection of cards & presents :) Love the new look blog too x

Pink Poppy said...

Happy belated Birthday Rusty what a lot of fab cards and goodies you lucky thing!

Poppy x

flourgirl said...

Fabulous selection of cards and gifts you have there. Probably enough to set up your own Craft Shop!! I Love the new look blog too xxx

qwiksave said...

Belated birthday wishes from me too. Lovely, lovely cards and pressies you have received. Hope you had a good birthday. Nicky x

Padster said...

Glad you had a good day - my OH likes it when he sees cards actually leave - not enough to go to the PO for me though LOL xx

Angie said...

What a lovely load of fabby things!!

PepPop said...

Wow Hope you had a great birthday and you've had lots of fun playing with all you new stash. Jaqui x