Monday, 7 February 2011


Sort of heard a very loud ear piercing crack! :( luckily I can use the larger part to finish off what I have started! Grrr!

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Location:Blyth,United kingdom.


Chocolate Orange said...

Oh no :O(

I dont like bugs and pings.. Thats what mine did when it broke. On up side was just a plate ;O) Cutting edge crafts have replacements Tams xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh dear .. i darent use mine now lol

flourgirl said...

Oh my word!! One of my B plates is banana shaped and I'm expecting that to ping anyday. Glad you were able to finish your project though xxx

Gemma said...

ooh that happened to mine too! xx

Sue said...

Oops!!! Don't ya just hate it when that happens!!

Hope you get a replacement soon

Sue xx

Louise said...

Oh-oh, ouch indeed. Hope you can get a replacement soon.