Wednesday, 22 June 2011

U Rock!

Poor picture alert, I tried and failed to take many pictures of this card, it looks so much better in real life, there is wording on the card which is glittered up and says " U Rock" 

It is a commisioned card for a 19 year old lad who is a DJ and currently out in Ibiza doing just that! I spent ages looking for a suitable image, and in the end a friend sent me a link to a colouring page!


Lisa Jane said...

oh this is fab - he will love it .. what a great image
Lisa x

Amanda R said...

I can see the sentiment but I am sure it does show much better irl. Hope he enjoys it!

dragonllew said...

Great card what a fab image

Anita said...

Fabulous card Tams and I'm sure he will love it.