Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all!! I have a few pics to share, although the children wont be going out trick or treating this year we did have some family time watching spooky movies and I did a small buffet! The kids chose what they wanted carving into their pumpkins Paul and I had to carve them as Thomas got bored, and Maddison is still too young. 

Maddisons pumpkin

Thomas's Pumpkin

So onto the buffet, Paul and I were thinking of things we could do which were a bit different, we ended up with Jelly which had witches fingers in (no pic) and angel delight which I hand drew a cobweb on and added a small spider to! We used pasta jars and filled one with green water and added some rice to make maggots, and then in the second we added 6 hard boiled eggs to a pasta jar with red food colouring in to make eyeballs! Both went down well lol 

Now you may well spy a couple of spooky characters on the table, I made these for the kids and filled them up with spooky sweets!

first we have Frankenstein!

And then we have Dracula

Both made by hand, using the Top note die from Stampin up, the ideas came from various blogs, which all come up on google!

Hope you have a safe & Fun Halloween!


PepPop said...

EEEEWWWWW those maggots are far to realistic for my liking - put me off me yogurt!! Have you tried making Jelly in straws - it makes wiggly worms LOL. Jaqui x

*Jellie* said...

Looks like you had a great time!

qwiksave said...

What a creative feast, good fun for you and them! Thanks for sharing. x

The Wife said...

Brilliant stuff for the little 'uns. I bet they loved their party.

Mossska said...

I like Your stuff very much!