Thursday, 28 February 2013


Just a quick one today (already running late posting this!) I made this congratulations card for a friend who passed her Masters!! So she now gets posh letters after her name!! Woohoo!! 

Towards the end she had a couple of sleepless nights, so this image is totally appropriate! 

Image - Up all night - Redonkulous

Back tomorrow with an engagement card! 


Alison Scott said...

Great card. Very apt image. It must have taken a power of work for masters.

Sheryl Brown ♥Redonkulous Designs♥ said...

This is so lovely Hun! Thanks so much for sharing on my Facebook Fan Page! It really made my day!
Congratualtions to your friend. I'm sure she will appreciate this card to recongnise all of the hard work put in. I know too well what staying up for 5 days straight on my final assignment is like. You know you've got a hard course when the teacher tells you at the beginning of the year to bring a sleeping bag to class LOL! I do not miss those days!!! Thanks for sharing!