Saturday, 20 June 2009

2 fathers day cards and a Good luck card

Time is fast running away from me, most of you know my OH applied for a job, recieved an interview over the phone and was accepted for the job within a few house which is absolutely fantastic news, however he starts in just under 2 days and we have been rushing round trying to get everything ready! In all of the panic I hadn't made fathers day cards from our children, so that was this mornings task whilst he was out trying to sort more bits out. I also made a good luck card for him aswell :)
Fathers Day card from Maddison-Mae

Fathers Day card from Thomas

Good luck card from me
I used my yellow and lime pocket card as a good luck card from the children, I know I said I didn't think I could use it but OH know how much hard work and effort I put into that card and also how much I love that card so for him to recieve it I know he would love it :)


Rainmac said...

Fab cards Tams, I love all of them! I haven't made OH a Father's Day card, am hoping DS1 will make one with me this afternoon...!

Mhaggie said...

tammy , your cards are lovely...enjoy fathers day and I hope all goes well with the new job!

Gemma said...

gorgeous cards Tammy! images are great, I have those papers too they're so useful for men's cards :) xx

dragonllew said...

Lovely cards those images are so great .

flourgirl said...

Lovely Fathers Day Cards and the Good Luck cards are a Fab idea and I am so pleased your OH has a new job :) x