Thursday, 3 September 2009

A reason to stay in on a rainy day!

I didn't want to go out today, its wet and blustery but I had to!! ... wish I hadn't bothered now. A lovely bloke in a silver mondeo thought it was ok to pull out infront of me. Needless to say I had to walk home in the rain with Maddison as I am too shook up to drive, I have abandoned my car in a rough area and now live in hope that I can get one of my neighbours to go collect it for me as I dont want DD in the car til I have got back in on my own and driven it.

I am not a happy bunny :( and my poor car looks like it has been shot!! .... (mine is the green one, not a

lot of damage. Luckily more on his which serves him right!!

Think it will T cut out? haha!


furrypig said...

sending big hugs your way Rusty xxx

Rainmac said...

Oh no Rusty, hope you're ok xxx

Maria said...

You poor thing I am glad you are both ok! xx

K said...


The Wife said...

You're OK and so is Maddison and that most important. Oh dear! don't envy the guy telling his mates what he did!!!