Sunday, 18 October 2009

Heres a little pot of gold .... well 5 actually!

I am feeling super organised today, I managed to finish off another 3 pots of gold and wrap all 5!!

2 x SIL have gold coins, scratchcard, werthers and a £10 next gift voucher in there
1 x BIL has gold coins, scratchcard, werthers (he has a different pressie aswell hence no voucher)
1 x OH has pot full of ferrero rocher (he loves these and he is worth it!) and a scratchcard
1 x DS teacher 2 x scratchcards, gold coins, werthers and a large gold quality street will probably make her a teachers survival kit to go with it!!

Thats another 4 people to cross off the pressies list ;)


Hels said...

Wow super organised Rusty, they look fab!x

flourgirl said...

WOW!! They look fantastic!! and tasty too xx

Rainmac said...

Stop it, you are too organised!!! They look fab xxx