Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kiddies crafting!

Just sharing a couple of pictures of the cards and badges the children made. I left them to it only adding DST to the cards, and trimming the papers. Everything else they did themselves. 

But mammy its stuck to my fingers!! 

Taaaa Daaaaaa! 

Maddisons badge

Thomas's card

Maddison & Thomas badges

Maddisons card

The children with Great Grandad Vic

Not a fab picture, but its the memories that the kids will have from the picture. Excuse the raised blanket in the bottom corner, Vic had a massive boot thing over his stump!! 


Lisa Jane said...

Oh what fabulous cards and badges -Great Grandad Vic will have been touched . It will have made his day
Great work
Lisa ;)

Rainmac said...

Awww lovely pics Tams, bet Vic massively appreciated the handmade cards and badges xxx

Marg said...

That photo with great Grandad is the stuff memories are made of. Love the cards & badges - think I could do with Maddison's help here x

Tammy said...

Such sweet memories.

Whimsey said...

Oh what fabulous creations - they do great work!! Love the picture; the kids will cherish that picture for years to come!!

Kerry said...

Think you should have had a 'Cute kid alert' at the top of your page Tams!!! Your kidlets are gorgeous and the badges and cards will be loved by G G'pa. They look so happy together :-D xx

Mary J said...

Soooo sweet, Tams! What really cute kids! Thx so much for sharing, it put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

How sweet -obviously creative talent runs in the family!

Anita said...

Oh, what adorable kidlets you have and I'm sure their ggf loved their creations.

Sue Upson said...

Awww how sweet!! Looks like their great grandad liked them :-) Sue xx