Monday, 22 April 2013

Its all about the cows!

Morning all, the sun is shining and its a beautiful day! perfect for crafting! 

Today I wanted to share the door hanger I made for Maddison. I originally made this one for her in sept 2010 where she asked for pink and chose all of the pink bits, over the last couple of years it has been battered, shut in the door, knocked off the door and everything else so it was time to re make!

 I managed to pull off the paper and re use the original hanger. This time the request was cows, so I printed out some brown and white cow print .... but cows have to be black and white, she doesnt like the brown ones! 

So here it is, a cow print hangar in black and white cow print, with a penny black cow! the balloon I glittered up and also the M is fully glittered too. She gave a big squeal of delight so I guess she liked it! 

Now whilst the subject is cows, I want to show this new addition of my Dads ... Meet Henry and mum Daisy. 

Isnt he gorgeous? 


Alison Scott said...

Love the door hanger. So cute, almost as cute as Henry!

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

Lucky Miss M! Love the pics of the new baby.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous door hanger and awww at that wee calf, he's so beautiful x