Monday, 19 August 2013

Playing catch up!

I haven't posted anything in ages!! Truth is since we moved things have been crazy busy and we are now at the end of the 6 weeks holiday (they go back tomorrow!) so I can start to play catch up with everything! 

So most of you know we moved in June, well the cards I am showing today were the ones I made for the teachers in the old school. (thats how long!!) 

5 in total all made up from school related words and even the teachers names! (1 per card) 

Really simple and quick to make using a program on the computer (cant remember the name though!) then change the colours and print away! They apparently were impressed! 

Back tomorrow with another round of catch up!! 


Lyndsey Turner said...

Great set of cards, love the word art style looks really cool xx

Whimsey said...

OK figure out the program please??? I want to make some. 😊 LOVE THEM!